We offer fragrances produced by a renowned British manufacturer, CPL Aromas:

  • Fragrances – for perfumes and conditioning products, for household chemistry and air fresheners.

  • EcoBoost fragrances – concentrated compositions allowing for a 10-times lower dosage of the fragrance. The application of the Ecoboost technology is environment friendly, so there is no obligation to mark the final product with warning labels; this technology also improves the stability and solubility of the fragrance. The economic aspects of the application of this technology comprise a lower price of the fragrance, decrease of the transport costs and the number of packages, as well as saving the storage area.

  • AromaCore fragrances – capsulated fragrances guaranteeing efficiency and prolonged release of the fragrance enclosed within a capsule. They are dedicated for cleaning and washing agents and body care products.

  • AromaGuard fragrances – compositions neutralising the sensation of unpleasant smells. They are dedicated for such products as deodorants, self-tanning products, hair dyes, cleaning and washing agents and air fresheners.